Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A merry kick-off at Mary, Mother of the Church

It was a strong showing at this year's kick-off to the fish fry tour. While most in attendance were Goedekers, or those fraternizing with Goedekers, we had a few brave newbies come out. What made our time so merry was not only that the food was good and I was pleasantly surprised by the option of a baked potato as a side item, but I think what set Mary Mother apart from the rest was the friendly, personable service we received. Now I’m not sure if someone tipped off the help that I was reviewing their every move, or if it was my notebook that gave it away, but I haven’t experienced service like that since…well never! Tina* and Nina* we there every step of the way, taking our plates, refilling our drinks and even replenishing our desserts for free!

Even factoring in the embarrassing food ticket mix-up, Jason snatching Aunt Kathy’s last piece of milk cake and the unidentified crumbs hanging out in the punch bowl of cocktail sauce, it was a thoroughly enjoyable time had by all.

Wait time: none!

Menu: Pretty basic, with the refreshing exception of the baked potato as a side option. Fried cod and shrimp platters were available and included a choice of two sides -- spaghetti, baked potato, green beans, slaw and apple sauce. Wheat or white bread is served with all dinners, and all meals included a drink and a selection of home-made (or store-bought) desserts.

Price: A bargain at $6

Taste: Everything tasted great, until I got to the end of my fried cod patty and it started to get mysteriously mushy. I want to give a special shout-out to my Godmother’s milk cake (which I was able to mooch a bite from Jason, who again stole the last piece).

Atmosphere: Not too crowded or loud, with friendly people eager to help make your dinning experience most pleasurable.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10 fish patties

* Not their real names.


  1. Kim,
    Great review, I'm sure many will find this website very helpful. ~Kathy's "hot-milk cake" was unbelievable!


  2. Please tell me what the heck mik cake is! I want to make it!!

  3. I'm not entirely sure how hot milk cake is made, but it is indeed awesome.

    Aunt Kathy may be able to tell you more.