Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is It Possible For a Fish Fry To Be Trendy?

My friend, and finder of obscure news, Sean, passed along the below link this morning. It appears someone is attempting to map out the fish fries in St. Louis city and beyond. While I think we’ll all agree, his/her starting point is really a sad attempt, I was shocked at how many responses the said mapper received from average joes suggesting additional fish fries to add – some EVEN I have never heard of.

So I ask you this, are fish fries becoming trendy in St. Louis? While yes, we live in a predominantly Catholic city of beer drinkers, I never imagined that fish fries would eventually become mainstream. Can we credit my blog for this apparent new-found popularity, you ask? Well, considering most of my readers are either related to me or close friends, I think not.

If someone creates a group on Facebook entitled “Fans of St. Louis Fish Fries,” I’m quitting.


  1. I think you're clearly ahead of the competition with this blog.

  2. YOU need to create the FB group and then send your latest blog entry to your group members so that they can be "in the know" at all times. It will be a total hit!