Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Mark Brings Us Back to Basics

In this day and age as many fries go fancy with fish tacos and frog legs, few parishes stick to the basics and do them well. While the menu at St. Mark in South St. Louis may be predictable, the friendly service and tasty fare make up for the lack of choices.

My weekly plate-o-carbs consisted of fried cod and shrimp, spaghetti and hush puppies washed down with a slice of homemade cake. And actually listing that out makes me realize I need to opt for the baked option this week. That said, my meal at St. Mark was solid – fish was crispy, spaghetti was above average and hush puppies were hush puppies (you just can’t mess up hush puppies in my eyes).

The staff at St. Mark was super fast and friendly, there was no line and plenty of room to spread out. It was such a pleasant fish fry experience that it made up for the fact that they ran out of several items some may consider key – mac’n’cheese, shrimp, water and beer. I fear the No Meat For You crew may have cleaned them out.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 fish patties


  1. Running out of booze early really hurt this rating.

  2. You need to venture north... Florissant has some great Fish Frys - Sacred Heart, St. Rose, St. Ferdinand...