Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

As I sit and reflect on this Ash Wednesday I remember the importance of the Lenten season when we commemorate Jesus’ death and resurrection, and oh yeah, spend our Friday evenings feasting on fried fish and cheap beer.

That’s right; I’m back to touring the fry circuit and (hopefully) entertaining you with mediocre critique and fried fish alliteration. I often times get asked “What are you giving up this Lent?” Well, after my failed attempt at chocolate last year, I’ve come to terms with the idea that giving up my Friday nights and loads of free time over the next 40 days should suffice.

I’m changing up the blog a bit this season and welcoming guest reviews. I just can’t make it to every fry in every neighborhood, so I’m asking readers to e-mail me or post to my Facebook wall reviews of their fry adventures. The hope is for this blog to someday become a vast resource for fish fry enthusiasts far and wide (St. Louis city and county). This new lackey approach has nothing to do with the fact that I’m carrying a heavy workload at the office these days, while shopping for a house and attempting to plan a wedding.

On to the first order of business: we’re kicking off the 2012 season with a fry that I’ve been meaning to try for years – Assumption in South County. The menu boasts fried and baked options as well as upgraded sides like Bartolino’s pasta and fruit salad.

Hope to see you there around 6:30!

Assumption Catholic Church
4725 Mattis Road
St. Louis, Mo 63128


  1. Is St. Cecelia having Fish Fry's this year? I didn't see them listed in the St. Louis Review.

  2. Hi Claudia! I belive they still since a reader just posted their 2012 menu on the facebook page. Check it out -