Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

So yes, this review is long overdue, and yes, I’m giving everyone less than 24 hrs notice on where we’re headed this week. However, until writing fish fry reviews starts paying my rent and health insurance, blogging takes a back seat to my actual job.

Without further adieu, below is a list of pros and cons of the fish fry we attended at St. Cecilia’s last week. Note: the cons, while few, may weigh heavily depending how hungry you are.

Convenient location: to my house, of course
Diverse crowd: while most fish fry crowds consists of 70% elderly white people and 30% soccer moms and their kids, St. Cecilia’s attracts diners of all ages and races. I even saw a few people my own age.
Lively atmosphere: loud music, crowded bar, tiny Mexican-American children in costumes and long lines of hungry Catholics – what more could you ask for.
Friendly parish: the pastor and the deacon walked through the line all night, greeting the diners and pretending to understand Uncle D’s jokes.
Extensive menu: they offer your typical fish fry menu on top of the tasty authentic Mexican dishes
Decent desserts: my chocolate cake was awesome, and my friend Andrew said he thoroughly enjoyed the flan.

Two hour wait time
Ran out of food at 8 PM and resorted to giving diners plates full of corn or offering full-refunds.

Bottom line, I think St. Cecilia’s offers a truly unique fish fry. However, the secret is out and if you want to take full advantage of the menu, get in line by 4 PM or call-in a take-out.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 fish patties


  1. Despite waiting in line for more than two hours and NOT getting food, I still enjoyed myself. I'd agree with Kim, get there extra early or call in your order. Isn't CNN covering St. Cecilia's tonight or is that next week?

  2. Kim, here's another update from your west county correspondent, Samantha Abel --

    We went to Sacred Heart tonight.


    Lots of fish options -- cod, talapia, shrimp and salmon

    Good spaghetti (better than St. Claire)

    Big pieces of cod that were really good

    Linse moved fast


    Only cake for dessert (but it was really good)

    No beer (that is from my mom and dad)

    Fries weren't very good

    No pizza for kids (that is from my little brother who made us go to Papa John's after)

    I would give this an 8 out of 10 fish patties.