Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Szczęśliwy Czas Smażonego mięsa Ryby!

Well friends, we're back!

Back for a third season of mediocre, and sometimes over-priced, fish and all the Goedeker commentary you can stomach. For the next seven Fridays we'll travel throughout the city in search of the best fish St. Louis Catholics can fry up. As always, it's sure to be a trying couple months. But we'll get through it together, with a little help from a few Bud Lights and a lot of ketchup.

We're kicking-off the 2010 season with a truly unique fry, unknown to many aficionados. As many of you know, Justin is half Polish. To show my appreciation for my man friend, and fully embrace his culture, we're heading to St. Agatha's in Soulard for the Polish American Fish Fry.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 19 @ 6:15 p.m.
St. Agatha Polish Roman Catholic Church
3239 South 9th Street (at Utah)
St. Louis, Mo 63118
(314) 772-1603


  1. The Poles know how to fry some fish...I think.

  2. Polish fish fry? This sounds like the punch line to a joke.

    My guess is they will be serving fried chicken.

  3. Big words from an anonymous poster...

  4. If I knew how to post my name I would. I'm clearly Polish when it comes to blogs.

  5. I encourage readers to be civil when commenting. This is a blog that revolves around Lent after all.


  6. Of course they know how to fry some fish. They invented the fishing pole after all...right?

  7. You won't have to drink Bud Light at St. Agatha's -- they have Polish beer. And usually some Polish side dishes too.

  8. I could certainly go for a few Zywiecs and some pierogi about now.

  9. I used to go to this fish fry all the time when I lived in Benton Park! There are some unique characters in there, and the food isn't half bad!