Thursday, March 11, 2010

Illinois Bureau: Are Pork Grinds Fair Game?

After unsuccessfully trying to locate a fish fry associated with St. Jerome in Troy, we settled on the VFW Post 976. At first this would seem to be a bold move, however we were relatively pleased with the results.

The Illinois smoking ban has done wonders to clean-up little places like this! Wait time was pretty rough and it took around 30 minutes to carry-out. Afterwards we discovered that there was a handy "call-ahead" option.

Choices were plentiful and included "upscale" baked options. Sides featured onion rings and fried mushrooms. More shocking were the bags of home-made pork rinds available for 3 bucks, although I'm not sure if you can eat pigskin during Lent!

Prices were average, and the fish ended up being really good. We suspect that they use some kind of a cajun fish batter. Throw out the wait and this place is worth a stop! That is, if you are anywhere near Troy.

Overall 7 out of 10 lobster tails!

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